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We drive.
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We style.

We thrive on customer satisfaction and the quality that goes into your pups. OohLaPaws offers a safe environment for your loving paws, with zero tolerance for any mishandling.

With the convenience of us driving to you, we offer fully equipped mobile grooming within our units. Residential or Corporate locations, we can accommodate. We offer bath and brushes to full groom styles. 


Brings you the niche
has been missing.

BB's Bath + Brushes

If you are looking for a doodle blowout or a deshedding treatment, we service them all. Bath and brushes are created for either maintaining coats from matting, deshedding undercoats, or the fur kids that just need an overall day at the spa.


Bath and Brush grooming by Oohla Paws Mobile Grooming

5 Star Paw Services

We offer all-inclusive services with complete transparency and superb customer service skills. We use strictly high-end products and have the safest environment for your dog at the convenience of your home or business.


  • Bath with High-End Shampoo & Conditioner (Hydro Bath)
  • Dog & Cat Grooming
  • High-Velocity Drying (Cage-Free) (Happy Hoodies Assembled)
  • Towel Dry Face
  • Ears & Eyes Cleaned Thoroughly
  • Nail Trimming and Dremel Trimming
  • Brushed & Combed
  • De-Shedding (Furminator Process)
  • Sanitary and Pad Trimming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Clean Breath Foam (For The Fussy Fur Kids)
  • Chapped and Cracked Nose & Paw Treatments

Styles Full Grooms

Grooming is a master in itself and OohLaPaws has very high standards when it comes to the overall groom of your dog. Communication is key and with many variables that comes with grooming a dog, mobile is definitely a better environment (less stress), for your dog or cat. We strive on customer satisfaction and guarantee our services.

Full Grooming Service in Las Vegas by OohLaPaws
OohLaPaws Mobile Grooming VIP Club for Clients

V.I.P Club


We’ve introduced a unique and exclusive VIP program tailored for our valued returning clients.
Feel free to reach out for more information, or inquire about it during your next visit.




Small SIZE


Medium SIZE


Large SIZE






Prices very upon breeds and condition of coats. OohLaPaws does not dematt dogs or cats.

OohLaPaws mobile grooming accepts payments via Square. Fast, easy and secure!

All major credit/debit cards accepted and will be processed by Square™